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The best French songs to learn for children around the age of 5

Music holds extraordinary power in children's learning. Children's songs, in particular, offer a fun and effective way to teach important concepts, enhance memory, and stimulate creativity. In this article, we will explore some of the best songs for kids to learn in French, combining fun and education.

  • "L'alphabet en chantant" (Singing the Alphabet)

There's no better place to start than with "L'alphabet en chantant." This song teaches children the order of the alphabet letters in a fun and memorable way. It's often accompanied by gestures for each letter, making learning even more engaging.

  • "Promenons-nous dans les bois" (Let’s Go for a Walk in the Woods)

This popular song tells a story of animals and walks in the woods. It's ideal for teaching animal names and prepositions to children. Moreover, it's often sung interactively with gestures and movements, allowing children to have fun while learning.

  • "Frère Jacques" (Brother John)

"Frère Jacques" is a classic song that most French children learn from a young age. It not only teaches the names of the days of the week but also introduces the concept of morning hours. This song is an excellent way to introduce the notions of time and routine to children.

  • "Une souris verte" (A Green Mouse)

"Une souris verte" is a popular nursery rhyme that teaches colours in French. Children love singing this cheerful song while learning to identify different colours. Its simple and repetitive lyrics make it easy to memorise.

  • "Dans la ferme de Mathurin" (In Mathurin's Farm)

This song invites children to explore an imaginary farm and meet various animals. It teaches not only the names of animals but also the sounds they make. Children enjoy imitating animal sounds while singing this song.

  • "Bateau sur l'eau" (Boat on the Water)

"Bateau sur l'eau" is another traditional song that children enjoy. It can be used to teach concepts of direction (up, down) and movement. Additionally, it provides opportunities to explore creativity by encouraging children to invent lyrics and stories related to the boat.

  • "Dans la forêt lointaine" (In the Distant Forest)

"Dans la forêt lointaine" is a perfect song for learning names of forest animals and encouraging imagination. Children can picture an enchanted forest while singing this song.

Music is a powerful tool in children's learning. Children's songs in French, with their catchy melodies and simple lyrics, provide an excellent way to introduce new concepts while having fun. The aforementioned songs are a great starting point for children's learning, but there are many others suited for different ages and skill levels. By encouraging children to sing and play with music, we promote their cognitive, linguistic, and creative development in an entertaining and educational manner.

Marine, mother and founder of St Pancras Recruitment


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