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Slim with Candy

Candy is THE Nutrition Coach for moms and businesswomen who want to make sure their families can eat healthily, without spending hours in the kitchen but also busy women looking to feel better in their bodies, whether dealing with long-standing weight issues, regain confidence in their body post-pregnancy, menopause, or improve digestive comfort, as well as preparing for a wedding, regaining self-confidence after a divorce, or wanting to be at their best in their 40s or 50s, and beyond!

She helps her clients understand how to make better food choices, and maintain their new weight, and to learn how to develop a more peaceful relationship with food (and sometimes alcohol too), putting an end to compulsive snacking, reconnecting with hunger cues, and enjoying life without the fear of gaining weight.

Book your free 30 minute discovery session with her! Consultations on Zoom or in person in W1.

Instagram : @slimwithcandy

Instagram @slimwithcandy


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