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The 'Curious Rat' at Little Angel Theatre

We had the pleasure of seeing 'The Curious Rat' at Little Angel Theatre—an enchanting play for young children.

The Curious Rat tells the story of Lucien, a lonely city rat who watches the pigeons from his home under Waterloo Bridge and wishes he could join them in the sky. One day he spots the most amazing pigeon and takes his first brave steps to follow her into the lights of the big city… 

Come with Lucien as he scampers across the bridge, dodging rain drops. He will meet a set of troublesome traffic lights, take a ride on a busy bus, dance at the carnival and even escape a flock of angry seagulls. On his adventure he will discover that he may not be a bird with wings, but that he has been given his own special things. 

A poignant and poetic tale to inspire children and adults alike. Playfully combining puppetry and animated projection, this story encourages audiences to celebrate the things that make them unique.

The play runs from June 14th to July 21st, 2024 and it is aimed at ages 3-8 years old.


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