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Creating a language-rich environment: Activities for French-speaking nannies and children

Providing children with the opportunity to learn a second language can open doors to countless benefits. Hiring a French-speaking nanny not only enriches a child's linguistic skills but also offers a window into a vibrant culture.

French nanny having a fun time with children through creative activities.


1. Story time adventures

Immerse children in the enchanting world of French literature with captivating story sessions. Selecting French picture books, fairy tales, and bedtime stories not only enhances vocabulary but also introduces children to the rhythm and melody of the French language. Encourage interactive storytelling by asking questions and discussing the plot, fostering comprehension skills.

You can find French books in London at Libraire La Page or on Amazon.


2. Multilingual mealtime

Transform mealtime into a language-learning feast! Label common kitchen items, play food-related games, or sing French songs while preparing meals. Associating words with daily activities not only reinforces language skills but also makes learning feel like a delightful part of everyday life.


3. Language through play

Incorporate educational toys and games that promote language development. From puzzles to board games with French instructions, these activities engage children in playful learning. Nannies can introduce simple vocabulary while playing, turning each game into a fun and educational experience.

Djeco offers a delightful array of educational games. Explore their collection at for a world of charming and instructive playtime.


4. Arts and crafts à la française

Get creative with arts and crafts projects that align with French culture. Craft activities related to French holidays or traditions not only enhance language skills but also provide a hands-on understanding of the rich heritage. Use French words during these activities, making learning an integral part of the artistic process.

Cass Art offers a fantastic variety of arts and crafts activities. Explore their selection at for a world of creative possibilities.


5. French music and dance parties

Introduce the rhythm of the French language through music and dance. Play French children's songs, engage in musical activities, and encourage dancing to French tunes. This interactive approach helps children associate words with movement, fostering a holistic understanding of language.


6. Nature walks with a French twist

Explore the outdoors and infuse French vocabulary into nature walks. Point out different plants, animals, and natural elements, all while speaking in French. This not only enhances vocabulary but also provides an opportunity for children to connect with the environment through a second language.


7. Cultural celebrations and festivals

Celebrate French cultural events and festivals with enthusiasm. Whether it's Bastille Day, Mardi Gras, or regional celebrations, incorporating cultural activities into the routine introduces children to the diverse aspects of French life and language.


8. Language learning apps and games

Utilize age-appropriate language learning apps and games to make the learning experience interactive and engaging. Many apps cater specifically to children, offering a playful environment where they can learn French words and phrases through interactive games and challenges.


Creating a language-rich environment for children in the care of a French-speaking nanny involves weaving language learning into daily activities. By incorporating these activities, nannies can foster a love for language, provide valuable cultural exposure, and lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of linguistic diversity. In this immersive and interactive approach, learning French becomes an integral and enjoyable part of a child's everyday life.

Marine, mother and founder of St Pancras Recruitment

Marine Lienard, Founder of St Pancras Recruitment


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