About Us

Dear Families and Candidates,

A big warm welcome from St Pancras Recruitment!

We specialise in placing experienced French-speaking nannies in London and all over the world.

Our mission is simple: We’re here to help you find your ideal French-speaking nanny based on your needs and criteria.

St Pancras Recruitment was founded by Marine Lienard to help families hire world class bilingual domestic staff. Marine was one of the first consultants to offer this fresh approach in London and began her work in 2006. Her innovative approach has gained her an international client base from backgrounds as diverse as the UK, United Arab Emirates, Russia and of course, France.

Based right next to the Eurostar, St Pancras Recruitment is a symbolic link between the United Kingdom and Europe. It is a place where many languages and cultures happily meet. We believe this blending of styles can also have a profound and positive effect on your children by helping them to organically become bi or even tri-lingual as well as improving their cognitive skills in other areas including memory, attention and auditory processing.

What makes us different?


As a parent, Marine can relate to your search in finding the perfect French-speaking nanny and knows that only the best for your child will do. She and her team work hard to make this happen and have already made a difference for many families.

  • You will benefit from our experienced team and find the whole process of employment pain-free.
  • We deliver a bespoke service. Every job is different and we take time to listen and understand your needs.
  • We are always looking for and talking to the best staffing talents across Europe. Our screening process is thorough and we take the time to interview each candidate.
  • We follow up every placement. We’ve built up our reputation by dedication, commitment and reliability. It is one of the reasons we are proud that much of our work comes from recommendations.


  • We believe in listening to our nannies’ on the type of family they’d like to be placed in so that we can pair you with the right family where you’ll continue to feel motivated and enjoy a pleasant working relationship.
  • If you have any concerns or need advice, we’re always here to help particularly if you’ve just located to a place that is unfamiliar. We can give you some assistance in navigating around or advice on working life in a new city.
  • We’ll always be clear with you and answer all your questions including salary expectations from the moment we talk to the interview stage and beyond. You may find our salary guide of interest.
  • Our on-going support continues even once you’re hired and we’ll keep in touch to ensure you’re happy. Feel free to contact us at any time too should you wish to talk.

Whether you’re a parent in search for the ideal French-speaking nanny for your child or a French nanny seeking a suitable position, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 0207 183 4235 for an informal talk so we can give you our thoughts on the next steps. We look forward to helping you soon.

We are members of the Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA), Best Bear and the French Chamber of Great Britain. We are also an Agency+ member so we have access to employment law advice for our clients.

And finally we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

More Testimonials:

"Warm and very friendly agency. Highly recommended! Very delighted with the quality of service of St Pancras recruitment LTD. From the first day, I felt very welcomed and Marine was very warm and friendly. She quickly referred me to a nice family, which I have been with for some time and still very much enjoying working with. Marine is very professional at all levels and has been very supportive during the entire process and continue to follow up to unsure I was comfortable with my duties. I highly recommend St Pancras recruitment LTD." - Soraya, French speaking nanny in King's Cross. We found Soraya a full time live out sole charge position to care for a baby and speak to her in French.

"Very professional and efficient agency. Honestly, Marine from St Pancras Recruitment is very efficient. She is a fine lady with a good intuition and good judgment to understand a personality and their needs. To be honest, of all agencies of French nannies I have met in London, St Pancras is one of my favorite. Marine was able to perfectly identify me to make me meet families almost tailor and according to my needs. Everything I love, a true win-win partnership. Thanks to Marine, I have found a piece of mind in London when I arrived. Thanks to you Marine." - Laura, French nanny in Islington. We found Laura an afternoon position.

"I definitely recommend this agency! I had a great experience dealing with Marine and Pauline. Marine takes time to meet you and understand what is best for you without judging and then she does her very best to find you a watching family, after doing the same thing with them, meaning get to know them to find them the ideal nanny. Marine called every time, unlike some other nanny agencies who just send you texts or emails. She is very friendly as well! I had a great experience and would recommend their agency to nannies and families!" - Sofya, French candidate.

"Excellent agency, I am very happy, the manager is very nice, she's found me a very quickly job, I found a work and I will soon begin, this is very serious agency. The manager help a lot in your job, I recommend for all together! The reception is excellent. Thank you St Pancras Recruitment!." - Fadéla, French Nanny in Camden. We found Fadéla an after school position.

"Great nanny agency! I had a fantastic experience with St Pancras Recruitment. Everyone has been extremely helpful and efficient. Marine made sure to find the right family to match what my personality and what I was looking for. I would recommend St Pancras Recruitment to anyone who is looking for a quick and personal service to find the perfect family/nanny." - Marlène, bilingual nanny in Kentish Town. We found Marlène a position to work 3 full days.

"Perfectly professional, found us the perfect person. St Pancras Recruitment took all the stress and hard work out of finding the perfect person to help our family. they narrowed it down to three brilliant candidates. who we ended up choosing is now part of the famlily; utterly reliable, hard-working, lovely with the kids and great fun. thank you." - Martha, mother of 2 children, Ladbroke Grove. We found Martha a part time housekeeper/ nanny/ cook.

"Fantastic personalised service. Marine has been brilliant from the start. She was very helpful in our initial meeting, explaining the different options to us and talking us through the nanny recruitment process. The candidates she suggested to us were all of a high quality, and although we did several interviews we actually ended up employing the first person she suggested. She then helped us clarify details around the contract, and was a great intermediary, especially as we were employing a French nanny with only conversational French ourselves. Ten months down the line everything has worked out fantastically; Marine was in contact in the early days to check that everything was going well, and has gone out of her way to give us extra help with other childcare questions as time has gone by. The experience was very personalised, and I would highly recommend the services of St Pancras Recruitment." - Lucy, pregnant mother with one child, Finchley Road. We found Lucy a French nanny to work 3 full day a week.

"Excellent recruitment. St Pancras Recruitment understood immediately my requirements and introduced me to very strong candidates." - Sophie, Mother of three children, Notting Hill. We found Sophie an after school French nanny.

"Very helpful and very happy to recommend a friend… I am so pleased that I got the job through this recruitment agency, very active and communicate really well to each party. Great company... Really appreciate their help. Thank you to St Pancras Recruitment Ltd." - Bia, Filipino nanny/ housekeeper in Warwick avenue. We found a full time live out position to Bia.

"The best nanny agency in London! Marine has been really helpful and she found the perfect family for me. Many thanks!!!" - Anais, after school trilingual nanny in Paddington. We found a part time position to Anais.

"J'ai fait appel à St Pancras Recruitment pour me positionner à Londres en tant que Nanny après de Famille haut de gamme. La première chose que j'ai pu apprécier est l'accueil du 1er rendez-vous par l'équipe. J'ai ressenti beaucoup d'écoute et de professionnalisme. Ils ont en effet un sens aigu du "bien faire" tant pour la nanny que pour la famille. Leur but : faire une équipe qui "matches" ! Aujourd'hui je les remercie vivement car mon projet s'est concrétisé. Je travaille pour une famille qui regroupe l'ensemble de mes souhaits : travailler avec et pour une famille respectueuse, haut de gamme et qui voyage. Merci à vous et remerciement particulier à Marine !" - Corinne, French nanny/ PA in Notting Hill. We found a full time live in position (with seperate flat) to Corinne.

"Having been a housekeeper/nanny for a while now, I needed someone to help me look for the right job and Marine Lienard from St. Pancras Recruitment did a perfect job. She is a professional, trustworthy and friendly person and she develops an excellent relationship with the candidate. She is also excellent at updating and keeping in touch with her clients or candidates. Her aim is to create a perfect match in order to meet the all the requirements. I would like to thank her for all the efforts she made in assisting me in every step of the process - from registering with the agency to helping me get all the necessary papers and finding the right position. She has been very supportive and I know I can always count on her to get the job I want. I highly recommend St. Pancras Recruitment to anyone who cares about professionalism and pragmatism as it is the most proficient agency I have joined and I can say I am very impressed with them." - Erika, French speaking housekeeper in Putney. We found a full time live in position to Erika.

"A la recherche d'un poste en Angleterre en tant que Nanny francophone, j'ai suis entrée en contact avec l'agence St Pancras Recruitment. J'avoue que j'ai été agréablement surprise de l'accueil et du professionnalisme dont elle a fait preuve tout le long de ma recherche. Le personnel est aimable, à l'écoute et très efficace, tant et si bien que, j'ai rapidement trouvé un poste qui correspondait tout à fait à mes attentes. Je recommande vivement cette agence à tous futurs employeurs et postulants!" - Nusrat, French nanny/ housekeeper in Fulham. We found a full time live in position to Nusrat.

"Marine has found us a wonderful nanny who exactly matches our requirements. It was a long and difficult search as we were very particular about what we were looking for and Marine approached the task with patience, intelligence and intuition. I highly recommend Marine and St Pancras Recruitment for their professionalism and excellent service." - Dima, Mother of three children, Queen's Park. We found Dima a full time live out French qualified nanny.

"St Pancras Recruitment offered a notably more personal, and engaged, service from the start. I was particularly impressed by the attention given to understanding our specific, personal needs; the quality and detail of the candidate briefs sent for consideration; and the professional support given in engaging our preferred candidate. I would certainly turn to Marine and her team again as a first port-of-call when looking for childcare support in the future." - Sonya, mother of three, Richmond in Surrey. We found Soyna a live in Au-Pair+.

"Thanks to St Pancras Recruitment I found a dream job. It happened in a very quick and relaxed way and I am really grateful to Marine and Maude for looking after me in every aspect of the process. I would recommend St Pancras Recruitment to anyone searching for a job or any family seeking a nanny." - Valéria, Italian nanny. We found Valéria a live in position in London.

"Marine has worked on my brief for a French-speaking part-time nanny, and I have been delighted by her professionalism, attention to details, and relentless efforts to find the right person for our family. All the candidates she presented were spot on the brief, and we now have a lovely nanny looking after our three children.." - Sandrine, French mum in London, Chiswick. We found Sandrine a French after school nanny.

"Une agence avec une très bonne visibilité à Londres auprès des familles anglaises ou françaises. Une fois votre candidature retenue et enregistrée, cette agence vous trouve un poste qui correspond à toutes vos attentes. Je remercie Marine." - Anna, French nanny in London. We found Anna a French speaking nanny position 3 full days a week.

"Thanks again for finding us such a fantastic nanny. We are really pleased!" - Lucy, mother of a 10 month old boy in London, Finchley Road. We found Lucy a French Nanny 3 full days a week.

"I am very happy with Stephanie. She is always on time, cheerful & put-together. She is very sensible and responsible with the children and they really love her. I think it's a good match!" - Caroline, mother of two boys freshly settled in London, Parsons Green. We found Caroline a French part time Nanny/Housekeeper.

"We had a great experience with Fabienne, she was wonderful. We miss her now!!" - Aoife, Pregnant and proud mum of an 18 month old girl. We found Aoife a temporary bilingual nanny.

"I would like to highly recommend St Pancras Recruitment to any nanny looking to register with a great nanny agency. As a nanny I have registered with lots of top London nanny agencies over the last 14 years and St Pancras Recruitment is by far one of the best. Marine is very friendly, professional and efficient and most importantly she really care about finding the right family for you unlike some other agencies who will just send you for interviews with families that won't necessarely suits you. Thank you Marine for finding me a temporary Nanny position with a very lovely family" - Fabienne, French speaking Nanny in London. We found Fabienne a temporary nanny position.

"I would just like to say Thank You St Pancras Recruitment who have been absolutely fantastic in helping me to find a new position as a nanny. Marine was so helpful, professional and supportive whilst keeping in contact with me on a daily basis. 
I have registered with other agencies in the past and St Pancras Recruitment is by far one of the best! I will most definitely be using this agency again in the future!" - Sabrina, French speaking Nanny in London. We found Sabrina a full time live in nanny position.

"Marine, thanks again – your help has been excellent and I really like your professionalism" - Maria, Mother of 2 children in Earls Court, London. We found Maria a part time Mandarin speaking nanny/tutor.

"Marine and St Pancras Recruitment have been fantastic. They listened, thought about and cared for our needs and didn't just send us whoever was on their books - it's a truly bespoke service and they kept me updated throughout. We needed one at short notice and less than one week after meeting them, they had searched for, met, and selected several bilingual candidates who seemed excellent. One of them particularly stood out and she is now our marvellous nanny. It's saved me hours and days of work and a lot of stress. I couldn't recommend their service more highly." - Lucy, Mother of 2 children in Islington, London. We found Lucy a part time French nanny.

"I was contacted my Marine Lienard, founder of St Pancras Recruitment for a post of live-out nanny in London. I recommend this company to all nannies looking for a job! She helped me a lot with all the details (CRB, interview with the family, texts about the family’s feeling throughout the trial week...) I had one interview, and got the job directly. Marine knows whose nanny will be the best for one family and vice-versa. She is very friendly, and she will help you to find the right position." - Margaux, French speaking nanny in London. We found Margaux a part time French nanny position.


"En tant que Nanny française souhaitant exercer dans une famille anglophone, St Pancreas a été la 1ère agence que j'ai contacté. Et je suis très heureuse de l'avoir fait. En effet, j'ai été prise en charge de façon très professionnelle et à la fois chaleureuse par Glenny. Mes différentes expériences ont été vérifiées auprès de mes précédents employeurs avec délicatesse et courtoisie. Elle a su rapidement cerner qui j'étais et dans quelle famille je serai à ma place. Et dans le même esprit, elle a compris ce que la famille attendait de la Nanny qu'il souhaitait accueillir. En résumé je suis très satisfaite du service qui m'a été apporté et je recommande vivement St Pancras Recruitment aux Nannys et aux familles qui souhaitent être mises en contact pour le meilleur." - Marie, French speaking nanny in London. We found Marie a full-time live-in position.

"St PANCRAS recruitment is a very good childcare agency, available and responsive, working with Glenny is a real pleasure, efficient, friendly and responsive to our expectations. I would recommend this company because she is very serious and very professional." - Soraya, French speaking nanny in London. We found Soraya an after-school position.

“Amazing! Their service is totally personalised, Glenny is a very comprehensive person, and she helped me for all of things before found me a family. Obviously, I recommend this agency!" - Enora, French speaking nanny in London. We found Enora an after-school position.

“Excellent service - personalised search with the greatest care, warmth and professionalism. We have been extremely happy with the service and have used St Pancras Recruitment several times to find French-speaking nannies, as well as recommending the service to friends and colleagues. " - Lucy, mother of two children in London. We found Lucy an after-school nanny.

“Very happy to be passed by this agency. Glenny is always available, very responsive and listening. It was very efficient and fast to find a family that matches me! " - Caroline, French speaking nanny in London. We found Caroline an after-school position.

"I'm very happy I've found this agency! Glenny was amazing and helped me find the best job. She always listened to me, was always very kind and very professional. She sent me to many interviews with very nice families until I find the right one. I highly recommend St Pancras Recruitment to anyone looking for a nanny position in London. Communication was excellent as well as follow up. I was never left without information. Thank you again." - Brune, French speaking nanny in London. We found Brune an after-school position.

"Really nice and friendly. Je recommande vivement cette agence, très à l’écoute et patiente dans nos choix durant cette recherche. Encore merci à Glenny pour avoir été aussi géniale!. “ - Eva, French speaking nanny in London. We found Eva an after-school position.

"We felt that we mattered. We had the best experience with St Pancras recruitment. Marine with whom we liaised was always available and very patient. Most importantly, we felt that she truly listened to our requirements and sent us only candidates who matched these very closely (many other agencies are more formulaic). We also appreciated that the agency sent a motivation letter/explanation form in addition to the CVs of each candidate. We found the lady who is now our lovely nanny after just three interviews (with three highly qualified candidates). Our son is in love with her and we have not looked back. We very much recommend this agency." - Cecile, mother of two children in London. We found Cecile an after-school nanny.

"I am very happy that I choose St Pancras Recruitment Ltd. Everything is explained clearly and no empty promises. The interview with a family was organised very quick and professional. One of the best agencies so far in London that I used to find a job, definitely recommend" - Yuliya, French speaking nanny in London. We found Yuliya an after-school position.

"I highly recommend them. Marine was helping me, and she is really kind and good in her job. She was patient and always listening and give me good advice. I have dealt with many agences and St Pancras recruitment is the best! Elodie also helped me before and she was just as kind and professional as Marine. Thank you again for everything!" - Nina, French speaking nanny in London. We found Nina a full-time position.

"St Pancras Recrutment à fait preuve d’un grand professionalisme , d’une gentillesse et bienveillance à mon égard . Celle-ci m’a accompagné tout au long de ma recherche et grace à elle, je suis aujourd’hui au sein d’une famille adorable. Merci!" - Ludivine, French speaking nanny in London. We found Ludivine a full-time position in London.

"Je recommande vivement l'agence St Pancras Recruitement, le personnel est toujours à notre écoute et toujours là en cas de besoin. Ils ont été d'une grande aide dans ma recherche d'emploi." - Coralie, French speaking nanny in London. We found Coralie a part-time position in London.

"Agence très professionnelle, Merci à Marine qui m’a trouvé rapidement une famille avec qui je suis restée 3 ans que j’ai dû partir car l’enfant débutait l’école et Marine m’a trouvé très rapidement une autre famille super aussi. Elle est toujours disponible si besoin d’aide ou d’information. Donc je recommande cette agence elle est pour moi la meilleure de Londres !" - Sabrina, French speaking nanny in London. We found Sabrina a full-time position in London.

"Great agency! I highly recommend St Pancras Recruitment Ltd. I was looking for a nanny position and they found the perfect family for me. They are warm, professional, fast. They provide all the information you need regarding things like DBS check, nanny insurance and first aid training. It's clear and easy! I was so pleased to find them. Big thanks to the team!" - Manon, French speaking nanny in London. We found Manon a part-time position in London.

"Enjoying working with this agency! I wanted to look after children during last summer and I tried few agencies but none of them was listening my request. At St Pancras Recruitment I felt really welcome and they found the perfect match for me with a family on holidays! Furthermore, everytime that I ask for a job, they are replying really fastly and it's really pleasant! Thank you !" - Sophie, French speaking nanny in London. We found Sophie a full-time live in position abroad.

"Efficient and trustworthy agency. I've had a fantastic experience finding the perfect nanny position through this agency. Elodie has been very kind and of great help with all the admin that comes with the nanny job (such as CRB checks, etc) and she regularly checks in to see how things are going at work. I'm signed up with several nanny agencies and although they're all very helpful St Pancras recruitment is my favorite. I found a wonderful job within three days of being with them, and I know I'm in good hands!" - Anais, French speaking nanny in London. We found Anais a full-time live in position in London.

"Brilliant agency! I had a great experience with St Pancras Recruitment. (to me the best agency I had to deal with really!) Marine has been very friendly, helpful and efficient. She stayed in contact all the time, but also before and after interviews. She found the right family to match what I was looking for. (Twice!) I would recommend St Pancras Recruitment to any nanny who is looking for a quick and personal service to find the perfect family!" - Sophie, French speaking nanny in London. We found Sophie a part-time position in London.

"St Pancras agency is very good, trustable and really implicated. I applied and less than one month after Elodie found a really good position for me in a wonderful family. I highly recommend them." - Marie, French speaking nanny in London. We found Marie a nanny/PA live in position in London.

"Elodie is very attentive, helpful and positively proactive. The process was extremely clear, and I always had regular communication, I could see that Elodie would endeavour to fulfil her commitments. Therefore, I can only have good things to say about the St. Pancras Recruitment." - Sarah, French speaking nanny in London. We found Sarah an after-school position in London.

"Nous avons été extrêmement satisfaits de la prestation proposée par Julia. En vous souhaitant une très bonne continuation, Au plaisir de refaire appel à vous pour la qualité de votre travail." - Sophie, mother of a baby travelling between Paris and London. We found Sophie a short-term nanny during her stay in London.

"We used St. Pancras Recruitment to find a French-speaking nanny for our lively two-year old son. Marine provided an excellent service, quickly sending us several possible high-quality, experienced candidates, which allowed us to find a wonderful nanny who was perfect for our needs. The way the process was conducted took away any concerns we had as, from the quality of candidates sent to us, we could tell we would find the right person to care for our son in the way we wanted. Marine's support throughout the process was first-rate. The fact that we wanted a part-time nanny might have been more difficult, but this was no problem at all for Marine. We would highly recommend St. Pancras and would definitely use them again." - Elizabeth, mother of two children in London. We found Elizabeth a Part-time French speaking nanny.

"Marine and her colleagues run one of the most professional agencies in London. Marine is kind, patient and truly takes the time to understand what you are looking for and make the right match. She employs only the highest quality nannies. We are extremely happy with our weekend nanny and would highly recommend Marine and her agency to anyone in search of help. Marine makes the process completely stress free!". - Roxanne, mother of three children in London. We found Roxanne a French speaking nanny during the weekends.

"We have used a number of agencies, and we find that St Pancras has the best candidates, and really tried to match up candidates who will be suitable with the families. We always use them with confidence, knowing that they will really help with the process." - France, mother of one little boy in London. We found France a part-time nanny.

"We absolutely love Luana, she is a wonderful nanny and we couldn't be happier. She and Alice have a lot of fun together, and Luana organizes a lot of varied activities and play dates for her" - Isobel, mother of a baby in London. We found Isobel a part-time nanny.

"Thank you for Celine, she is great, and I think we are a match made in heaven" - Tatiana, mother of a baby in London. We found Tatiana a full-time nanny.

"Vous m'avez trouvé un très beau poste, la famille est vraiment sympathique et la petite puce... Que du bonheur !!!" - Celine, French speaking nanny in London. We found Celine a full-time position with a newborn in London.

"Je suis passée par pas mal d'agences de nanny avant St Pancras Recruitment et c'est bien la seule agence que j'ai connue avec un suivi exceptionnel ! Je remercie particulièrement Elodie pour son professionnalisme et sa disponibilité. Je suis très satisfaite de la famille chez qui j'ai été placée. Je recommande vivement cette agence. " - Soriha, French speaking nanny in Kentish Town. We found Soriha a part-time position with a newborn in London.

"Je suis tellement contente et ravie d'avoir pu collaborer et trouver du travail avec votre agence. Marine et Élodie je vous remercie sincèrement pour votre écoute, votre disponibilité et votre professionnalisme. Dès le premier entretien j'ai pu ressentir que notre collaboration aller porter ses fruits. Je recommande Saint Pancras à toutes les Nannies et les familles" - Hind, French speaking nanny in London. We found Hind a part-time position in London.

"First of all thank you for finding me Saida she is a wonderful person and I will definitely use your service every time I go to London or Europe with the family, and I will definitely recommend your services to my colleagues travelling to London and Europe. And I truly appreciate your great correspondence and communication during our search" - Thear, father of three boys in Saudi Arabia. _ We found Thear a French speaking nanny for a short-term contract._

"We are thrilled with Céline. She has very quickly made wonderful relationships with the boys. She has loads of initiative and she's very good company!" - Sarah, mother of two boys in Kentish Town. We found Sarah a full-time nanny.

"Thank you very much for your assistance in this entire process, which always seems daunting at first. In dealing with your agency, we found it very professional and responsive, and we would be very happy to recommend it to anyone we know who's in the market for a professional nanny. In fact, we've already gone ahead and made our first recommendation!" - Layla, mother of a 6-month-old boy in Kensington. We found Layla a full-time nanny.

"Depuis le premier jour, l'agence St Pancras Recruitment m'a aidée pas seulement à trouver un travail mais aussi dans toutes les démarches bureaucratiques nécessaires. Merci beaucoup, spécialement Hélène Nicolet, toujours disponible et si gentille !" - Maria, French speaking nanny in London. We found Maria a full-time position with a newborn in London.

"Marine and her colleagues at St Pancras Recruitment provided us with excellent advice and guidance in our search for a French-speaking nanny. I particularly appreciated their professionalism and careful assessment of the candidates they put forth to us, always making sure that it would be as good a match as possible to our needs. I could not recommend them more highly." - Suzanne, mother of two children of 5 and 7 years old in Brook Grenn. We found Suzanne a bilingual part-time nanny.

"Agence efficace et à l'écoute. Mon projet s'est concrétisé grâce à St. Pancras recrutment qui m'a positionné dans une famille à Londres en tant que French Nanny Housekeeper. Je remercie toute l'équipe et en particulier Marine qui a été très efficace, professionnelle et à l'écoute. J'occupe un poste qui correspond parfaitement à mes attentes. Je recommande vivement cette agence aux parents et nannies." - Saida, French speaking nanny/housekeeper in London. We found Saida a full-time live in position.

"Excellent service and high-quality nannies. Marine has been my go-to person over the last few years. Her professionalism and level of service is unparalleled in the industry. She takes the time to understand your needs and to present candidates who tick all the boxes, and she never gives up no matter how difficult the search. I highly recommend St Pancras Recruitment - I wouldn't go anywhere else!" - Dima, mother of three children in Maida Vale. We found Dima a full-time French speaking nanny.

"Excellent agency - St Pancras Recruitment are excellent and they stay in contact with you the all time. After 10 days they found me a job, and during the 10 days they were really helpful anytime, when I had some questions regarding a family. The all team is excellent. I would highly recommend them." - Savina, French speaking nanny in London. We found Savina a full-time position.

"I would warmly recommend to the parents and nannies St Pancras Recruitment. Marine and Pauline are professional. They handle every details with respect of the will from both the Parents and the Carer. Thank you to them." - Dina, French speaking nanny in London. We found Dina a full-time position.

"I'm grateful toward St Pancras Recruitment because I found my family just after three interviews with three different families. In one month and half, I've gotten my first nanny job in UK. We are safe, followed and accompanied by this agency all along of our progress to find our good family. This agency is very very professional for us and for the families as well. I know if I have any problems they are here for me and it's really important to be certain that someone's here for support you and your professional life. The team is serious and nice and if I must change my current job, I'm gonna go to meet this team again to find another family because for me, it's the perfect agency for nannies live out." - Meggy, French speaking nanny in London. We found Saida a part-time position.

"Great and professional recruitment agency. The director of the agency is wonderful and very professional She has personally been a good support to me the whole way of my job search, and with her fantastic help I have found a job! I have found the job that I wanted to, all my boxes are ticked with this job and I must say that this has happened because of the hard work of st Pancras recruitment ltd. I will recommend the agency with no reservations!" - Mina, French speaking nanny in London. We found Mina a full-time position.

"I had a great experience with St Pancras Recruitment. Marine and Pauline have been extremely helpful and efficient. Marine has been really attentive, and she found the perfect family for me. I would recommend St Pancras Recruitment to anyone who is looking for a quick and personal service to find the perfect family/nanny. Thank you very much St Pancras Recruitment." - Mathilde, French speaking nanny in London. We found Mathilde a full-time position.

"High standard recruitment service for french speaking Nanny. St Pancras recruitment helped me to recruit my after school french speaking nanny for 3 to 4 kids, some days in a week only. We met only 2 candidates and the second one was the right one. The profile was even beyond our expectations. I since recommended St Pancars to all my close friends seeking a hassle free, fast yet exigent way to recruit their nanny. The service is worth the price you pay for it. The follow up of the service, after placement, is also excellent." - Lobna, mother of four children in Turnham Green. We found Lobna a part-time French speaking nanny.

"Friendly and diligent agency. St Pancras is an excellent agency, who work hard to find the right candidate. They always follow through with post interview feedback and approach the search with a friendly and helpful manner. Would highly recommend them." - Rupert, father of a 3-yearl-old girl in Maida Vale. We found Rupert a nanny from New Zealand.

"Très contente de mon choix pour cette agence. J'ai choisi cette agence suite à une annonce de proposition de famille que j'ai vu. Pauline de l'agence a tout de suite été très disponible et agréable. La famille dans laquelle j'ai été placée il y a maintenant deux mois est très bien, et convient parfaitement aux attentes que j'avais. L'agence est toujours présente même après le placement en cas de questions, et revient régulièrement vers moi pour faire un bilan" - Charlotte, French speaking nanny in Kent. We found Charlotte a live in position.

"Meilleure agence de Londres. J'ai 20 années de carrière en tant que nounou a Londres et je connais Marine depuis de nombreuses années. Pour être honnête son agence est la meilleure de Londres. Elle m'a toujours bien conseillée, guidée dans mes démarches avec beaucoup de professionnalisme. Les candidates sont toujours informées des derniers jobs en date et surtout les jobs de son site sont bien réels, ce qui n'est pas le cas pour la plupart des agences. Marine est à l'écoute des candidates et des parents et les entretiens ne se font QUE si les deux parties sont compatibles. Je recommande à toutes candidates de ne pas hésiter à contacter cette agence pour trouver un emploi de qualité. Je réponds de cette agence" - Florence, French speaking nanny in London._

"Outstanding service. I cannot rate st Pancras Recruitment highly enough. Fast, efficient and responsive to my needs. They were able to find me a fantastic nanny in record time and really get me out of a jam. Thank you." - Stephen, father of three children in Paddington. We found Stephen a full-time French/Arabic/English speaker nanny.

"Saint Pancras Recruitment’s team is extremely professional and very meticulous in order to provide to the family and the professionals they are working with, the best service. Thanks to Saint Pancras Recruitment I have found a job with a very good employment status, in a short period of time." - Marielle, French speaking nanny in Notting Hill. We found Marielle a short-term position.

"A professional, fun loving babysitter. As I couldn't babysit for my employer, we decided to ask Marine and her team to help us looking for the best babysitter. The children warmed to her pretty quickly! Our 2 and half year old played with her and our 6-year-old who is often shy had a game of scrabble. Both kids agreed that she was a really nice nanny. Once again St Pancras recruitment has done an excellent job. We always rely on Marine and her team who understands our needs. Well done." - Aicha. We helped her employers to find a babysitter to replace Aicha in Parsons Green.